I met Becky early in her pregnancy when they found out they were pregnant with their 7th baby! They were excited to find a provider who took their insurance and got started about halfway through. Everything progressed as expected and her anticipation grew as she waited for little one to make their arrival! Becky was due close to Thanksgiving and we wondered if little one would arrive but the Monday after at her appointment, she was still pregnant! We decided to try stripping her membranes to see if that would help baby along and by 1:30pm (we swept her membranes at 11:30am), she was having contractions and had me on standby. I cancelled the rest of my clinic knowing I would need to leave the moment I heard from them!

I received a call from her husband Dan that she was having more consistent contractions and feeling more pressure. It was time to come! I arrived about 30 minutes later to find Becky quietly laboring! She was so calm and I marveled at how well she handled each contraction. Things had spaced slightly with my arrival but I told them not to fret, baby would be coming soon! Within 30 minutes of our arrival, I was watching Becky’s face and could tell she was bearing down! I jumped to her side and encouraged her to keep pushing! With one push her water broke and baby was born! She announced it was a boy and we all admired his fiery red hair!! Baby Zacharyas was born at 4:48pm weighing in at 7#7oz and welcomed by his loving family and 6 siblings! Welcome sweet love, thank you for allowing me to be present for your amazing arrival!

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