I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Taylor as an acquaintance for a few years and was honored when she contacted me to let me know she was expecting her second baby and was considering a home birth in their Colorado home. After an extensive interview and question answering, Taylor and her husband decided a home birth was right for them! After some concerns for issues they had with their first daughter’s pregnancy, Taylor wanted to make sure we kept track of this baby’s health and we were excited to see little one growing very strong and staying on track for growth over the course of Taylor’s entire pregnancy! We did Taylor’s home visit at 36 weeks and wondered when baby would greet us or whether she would make it to her 38 week visit! She had multiple pre-labor episodes that seemed to threaten labor but 38 weeks came and Taylor managed to stay pregnant ;)!

Two days after her 38 week mark, I received a call from Taylor letting me know her contractions were about 3 minutes apart but about 40-60 seconds long. They weren’t terribly intense yet so I told them to call me back when they were stronger and expected to hear from her soon since she has fast labors. About an hour later, I received a call from Tony her husband letting me know she was breathing through her contractions and it was time for me to come. I got up and made my way to her home to find her peacefully laboring in her room! Everything was ready to go and I set up for the birth. My team arrived shortly after and we found baby and mama to be doing so well. Shortly after I arrived, Taylor told me she was feeling pressure and wanted to be checked. I found her to be completely dilated and ready to push! Taylor opted to get in the birth pool and felt immediate relief! With the next contraction she pushed and her water broke bringing baby to crowning and with the second push, she delivered baby’s head and body! Baby arrived just 45 minutes after the midwife arrived and 3 hours and 15 minutes after her labor started!! Can you say FAST!! Little Mira weighed in at 6#4oz and was welcomed by her amazing family and sister. Thank you family for giving me the pleasure of working with you! What a fun and wonderful experience it was!

Photography courtesy of Katie Moum

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