I met Cynthia early in her pregnancy when she found out she was pregnant with her 5th baby! Cynthia had a fun history of having a set of twins with her first pregnancy so I was excited to serve her lovely family for this special baby! They had had their previous littles at the hospital but knew it was time for a change and wanted a home birth for this baby! Cynthia’s pregnancy progressed wonderfully and she kept telling me she felt baby was coming early. We all waited excitedly in anticipation of little one!

I received a call from Cynthia Tuesday night letting me know she was having more consistent contractions and felt baby would be joining us soon. Within a couple of hours however, things slowed and we decided to have her rest, so close! I went to bed anticipating that I would hear from Cynthia soon. And sure enough, 4:45am rolled around and Cynthia called with closer contractions. We decided to wait just a bit longer and at 6:30am, I received a call from Moses, Cynthia’s husband letting me know they were ready. I headed over only to receive a text from one of my other mama’s (the one who happened to be due on the same day as Cynthia!) letting me know she was also in labor and things seemed to be moving quickly! I knew I couldn’t get to her anytime soon with Cynthia also in labor so I sent another midwife her way and continued making my way to Cynthia. I arrived at 7am to Cynthia laboring SO well! She was so calm and quiet, very sneaky in her active labor to pushing phase. Both mom and baby were doing well and we decided to get her in the pool. She began to relax and the urge to push came upon her quickly! By 7:25am, Cynthia began to push with all her might and bring her little one earth side! Slowly baby’s head began to crown and with one big push, baby delivered and was lifted out of the water. This sweet calm baby made faces at us as she transitioned to the world and gave out a small cry! Cynthia turned over and brought her baby girl to her chest and looked her over! Baby Meila was born at 7:31am weighing in at 7#7oz! Welcome to the world beautiful princess, thank you for allowing me to be present for your sweet arrival!

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