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Prenatal Care

About Prenatal Care Services

We provide care for both you and your baby during the duration of your pregnancy. We provide in-office visits with one prenatal home visit at 36 weeks. These visits give you the opportunity to ask all of your questions and express any concerns you may have. From your first visit until your birth, we provide you with the latest information and stay up to date on the latest practices to keep you healthy!

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Prenatal Care FAQ

Can Midwives do ultrasounds?

Clinical practice has changed, and many midwives are now performing ultrasound examinations during all trimesters of pregnancy. Mountain...

What do Midwives do during pregnancy?

A midwife is a trained health professional who helps healthy women during their pregnancy, during their labor, at delivery, and after the birth of their babies.

Do Midwives do blood work? Are tests required?

We do blood work for our clients. Whether or not a midwife does bloodwork may depend on the legalities in your state. Blood work may be done...

Can my children, family, and friends attend appointments with me?

Children, friends, doulas, and family members are always welcome at your appointments! Any adult you would like in the room is welcome.

What all is done at my first prenatal appointment?

You should call to schedule a prenatal visit with us as soon as you realize you are pregnant. After speaking with you, we will schedule an appointment for...

What do subsequent prenatal visits include?

At these visits, your widwife will weigh you, check your blood pressure, measure and feel your growing abdomen, and check for swelling. After week 12...


Tiffany is a highly knowledgeable nurse midwife who provides wonderful quality care in a peaceful way (especially for an anxious first-time mom-to-be)! As a health care provider myself, I knew I did not want a hospital birth, but care with a strong medical basis was important. Tiffany was exactly what we were looking for! She provided exceptional prenatal and postpartum care! I always felt heard during our sessions and felt comfortable asking Tiffany anything and EVERYTHING! She was extremely encouraging during my delivery and had an excellent team right alongside her

Alyssa Brown

My husband was so hesitant with having a home birth at first, but when we went to our consult with Tiffany she put all his worries at ease! After we left there we felt no need to even go to the other consult we knew this was the right fit for us! Lauren delivered my sweet little guy and it was such a wonderful experience. The support and encouragement I received was something I’ve never found anywhere else. These ladies go above and beyond and are with you every step of the way! I highly recommended them and I plan to come back for our next baby!

Brianna McKee

When we started looking into doctors and birth centers, we quickly realized that our options were pretty limited here in the Springs. When we found Tiffany she listened to our story and we quickly connected with her, her energy, and all that she shared with us. I walked out and immediately knew she was the one to guide us on this journey! On the day of delivery she showed up and two and a half hours later our little girl entered the world. She was brilliant and provided relief when I needed it most, made me feel safe and secure, and strong and capable the entire time. I am so appreciative!

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Melissa Lenz
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