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We are passionate about empowering women to trust in their inherent wisdom and know that their bodies, pregnancy, and birth are healthy and normal! We encourage women to fully participate and be in tune with their bodies throughout their lifespan.



My name is Tiffany and I am so excited to serve this community through Mountain Miracles Midwifery! I opened MMM in 2015 with a passion and heart for helping women empower themselves to achieve the pregnancy, birth and postpartum story of their dreams! I have served MMM as both a nurse-midwife and business owner and have watched it flourish and grow to become the incredible community it is today! What a privilege! After catching over 300 babies and birthing 3 of my own (with another on the way any day now!), I decided I needed to adjust my priorities to best support our midwifery team and practice, as well as my family and take on a full-time admin role. I was gifted with four beautiful women and midwives who serve this community as faithfully and thoughtfully as I do and it has freed me up to put my focus on keeping Mountain Miracles healthy and thriving the way it needs to be! My days now are filled with chasing babies and toddlers while balancing a laptop and advocating for women the way they deserve! I wouldn’t want it any other way!! I’m grateful for all that Mountain Miracles Midwifery has brought into my life and cannot wait to see what the future holds!


In the little bit of spare time I possess, I love being with my family on a beach in Florida as much as I love being in our camper in the Colorado mountains! My family is very active in the community we serve and we continue to see it as a privilege to live here and love on those we serve. I feel a deep gratitude for every family who has trusted Mountain Miracles Midwifery these last 8 years and nearly 900 home births to care for their loved ones and allowed us to join them in the intimate and sacred space that is bringing new life into this world! My life literally is a dream every day and it brings such joy knowing how blessed we are to serve women in the capacity we do!


Lauren, MS, CNM

Advanced Practice Nurse & Certified Nurse-Midwife

I’m Lauren, I’ve been a Certified Nurse Midwife since 2018 (UC Denver - Anschutz). I’ve spent my whole career in the medical field taking care of mothers and babies, initially at my alma mater for my bachelor’s degree, University of Missouri aka Mizzou. I joined Mountain Miracles Midwifery after I graduated with my master’s degree. I knew that home birth was for me. I have loved these past years with my whole heart, and am so grateful to be part of a group that makes home birth accessible to so many in our community.


Walking with mothers and encouraging them to claim their autonomy and power is truly why I’m here. Pregnancy and birth are a huge transition/transformation in our lives and we deserve to be in our power physically and spiritually. We deserve to have our choices respected, not tolerated. We deserve to be recognized and supported as the beautiful matriarchs we are becoming each and every time we birth.


I gave birth to my own daughter in February of 2023 and am loving learning how to be her mother. I feel absolutely supported and cherished by my incredible husband. We love being outside - if I’m not midwifing we’re likely hiking, camping, mountain biking or snowboarding. I’m so grateful to be in a practice where I can provide women with such personal care and also have the time and freedom to adventure with my family.


Kayla, DNP, CNM

Advanced Practice Nurse & Certified Nurse-Midwife

Hola! I’m Kayla, and I did not always ‘know’ I wanted to be a midwife. I did always feel that life was sacred, and I knew that in some way I wanted to be a part of taking care of that sacredness. Straight from high school I followed a calling into nursing and that led me to work in psychiatry. This quickly revealed my innate trust in the relationship between the mind and body. I became a yoga teacher and further explored the connection between the mind and spirit. While I loved psychiatry, working in the hospital had its limitations for providing the kind of care I was passionate about. The thirst for a deeper understanding of wholeness and healing led me into more spiritual and natural modalities of healthcare. I spent two years as an apprentice in a Shamanic Women’s Herbalist training. It was here where I remembered my true calling and purpose, it was here that I remembered ‘how we heal the world starts with how we birth our babies into it’. I was reminded that my inner healer and wisdom keeper was a midwife.


I believe that birth is a ceremony. And, that when allowed in its natural environment, works. My calling as a midwife is to hold the space for women to feel sacred, powerful and worthy as they create and birth life into this word. As a Mexican-American and Native-American I am rooted in the healing traditions of my ancestors. I frequently inhabit and call on this wisdom to guide my practice. I received my midwifery education from the University of Washington. As a doctorally prepared certified nurse-midwife and nurse practitioner I use my education and my intuition to blend what I believe are the best parts of both modern medicine and ancient wisdom. As a healthcare provider I combine all of my gifts of healing from modern medicine, sacred body work, yoga, meditation and herbalism, in order to provide holistic and woman-centered healthcare. I believe that as women, we know our bodies best. We know what we need, and when taught to listen inwardly, we remember most of what we need is within. I aim to be your guide, rather than a gatekeeper, assisting you towards making the decisions in your health, pregnancy and birthing that feel the most right to you.


When I am not being a midwife, you may find me at home enjoying sacred life with my husband, our sweet dog and two cats, exploring the outdoors, meditating and doing yoga, nose deep in a book, going for a run or my personal favorite... somewhere far far away on a vacation without cellphone service!

Colorado Springs Homebirth

Rachanee, MSN, CNM

Advanced Practice Nurse & Certified Nurse-Midwife

Hello! My name is Rachanee. I have been working in birth for nearly 10 years. Initially, as a registered nurse in Labor and Delivery/Postpartum/NICU and as a Certified Nurse Midwife since 2018.


My passion for all things pregnancy, birth and babies started at a very early age. Then once I started a family of my own I knew that midwifery was my calling. I believe that women should feel empowered to be active participants in their healthcare. I am passionate about providing evidence-based patient and family centered care while promoting and supporting physiologic birth.


I graduated from George Washington University with my Bachelors and Masters in Nursing. While working as a registered nurse I completed a Post Masters Certificate in Nurse Midwifery. I have extensive experience with care throughout the lifespan; including well woman/preventative care, gynecological care, ultrasound, and of course pregnancy! I have assisted with over 800 births as a registered nurse and have caught over 400 babies as a midwife.


I live here in Colorado Springs with my husband and five beautiful children. In my free time I love cooking, hiking, and all things nature.

Colorado Springs Waterbirth


Tiffany is a highly knowledgeable nurse midwife who provides wonderful quality care in a peaceful way (especially for an anxious first-time mom-to-be)! As a health care provider myself, I knew I did not want a hospital birth, but care with a strong medical basis was important. Tiffany was exactly what we were looking for! She provided exceptional prenatal and postpartum care! I always felt heard during our sessions and felt comfortable asking Tiffany anything and EVERYTHING! She was extremely encouraging during my delivery and had an excellent team right alongside her

Alyssa Brown

My husband was so hesitant with having a home birth at first, but when we went to our consult with Tiffany she put all his worries at ease! After we left there we felt no need to even go to the other consult we knew this was the right fit for us! Lauren delivered my sweet little guy and it was such a wonderful experience. The support and encouragement I received was something I’ve never found anywhere else. These ladies go above and beyond and are with you every step of the way! I highly recommended them and I plan to come back for our next baby!

Brianna McKee

When we started looking into doctors and birth centers, we quickly realized that our options were pretty limited here in the Springs. When we found Tiffany she listened to our story and we quickly connected with her, her energy, and all that she shared with us. I walked out and immediately knew she was the one to guide us on this journey! On the day of delivery she showed up and two and a half hours later our little girl entered the world. She was brilliant and provided relief when I needed it most, made me feel safe and secure, and strong and capable the entire time. I am so appreciative!

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