Samantha was another sweet mama who decided later in her pregnancy that she needed to do a home birth for her second baby. I loved the prospect of helping a mama so last minute and helping her have the birth of her dreams! It was very clear Samantha would rock her home birth and I could not wait to meet her sweet little man! Samantha’s pregnancy progressed beautifully and as her due date approached, we all got excited about how it would all go!

On Monday, I received a text from Samantha that she felt like she was in early labor. I was excited that we would all soon meet her baby! Samantha had a fabulous doula and as they exchanged texts, her doula kept me appraised of the going’s on. I went to dinner with friends and on my way there, received a text from Samantha that made me feel like I needed to turn around. I dropped off my family and grabbed a plate of food and jumped back in my car to head to them. As I was heading their way, I received a call from Kevin, Samantha’s husband, letting me know she was definitely starting to feel the urge to push! I smashed the gas and raced across town praying I’d make it before baby arrived! As she labored on speaker phone with me, I encouraged Sam over the phone as she went through each wave, each mile seemed to drag on as I raced through town trying to get to her. By the time I pulled into her driveway, I burned through my breaks and could barely stop to turn the corner and Sam had gone through several contractions of pushing and Kevin was reporting he could see the baby’s head! I raced up the stairs not even grabbing my bags, broke my Fitbit as I rounded the corner and hit my wrist on the wall and burst into their home to find her laboring in her bathtub and baby crowning! Kevin and I encouraged Sam to push as she could over the next couple of contractions. Shortly after, her doula came in and with one big final push, Kevin and Sam were able to bring their sweet baby boy into their arms! What a whirlwind!! Sam was incredible even in the midst of dealing with a very quick active labor! Somehow, we all made it and Sam showed us just how strong she really is! Kevin and Sam welcomed sweet Theodore at 6lbs 12oz and just as cute as ever! Welcome sweet love, thank you for giving me the honor of being able to usher your family through this very tender time!

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