I had the honor of working with Jessica with her previous baby! I LOVE getting to work with repeat clients as it is a testament to the wonderful relationship we create that makes mama’s come back time after time! We were so excited to find out what Jessica and Nic were having this time around as they had 3 sweet girls and either addition would be so fun!! Jessica chose to find out the gender very early and when I received the report, I nearly fell over! I called Jessica to let them know they were having their first BOY!! She didn’t believe me and it took several times reassuring her this was indeed the case and they were getting to welcome their first boy into the world! Jessica did amazing with her pregnancy even when baby decided not to flip from breech and had to have a manual version but baby finally cooperated and flipped head down during that version! We had a lot of wiggle room with her due date even and knew baby could arrive anytime between the 9th and the 18th of May.

On the 9th of May, I received a text from Jessica that she felt she was in early labor but after not hearing from her by noon, I knew things had to have fizzled out (they did). I encouraged Jess to allow pre-labor to happen and baby would come soon. On May 10th, I received another text that it was time. I arrived to Jess and after an hour with her, it was clear we were a tad early. After watching her, we decided to do a check to make sure and I found her to be 2cm. Jess was disappointed but I told her labor would be soon! We left and over the course of six hours and several text messages, it became clear Jessica was finally in active labor. Jess’s last baby was just under 6 pounds and I guessed this baby was closer to 8 pounds so it was no shock this was taking a bit longer. When I arrived, Jess was killing it laboring in the pool! We set up shop and waited patiently for baby. Over the course of the next several contractions, Jess began to push. I tried hard to get Nic closer to catch baby but Jess was adamant she wanted him to hold her hand! As baby began to crown, I encouraged Nic to reach in and help catch his sweet baby. He was able to get one hand on baby and little man emerged. Jessica and Nic welcomed sweet Owen Lee at 7lbs 15ozs (I told her she could say 8lbs because he decided to poop in the pool)! Thank you, wonderful family, for allowing me the honor of doing another awesome home birth with you!! You all are so amazing and it has been a gift getting to know you over the years!

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