I met Marie VERY late in her pregnancy when she moved here from New York and knew she needed to change from her original hospital birth plan to a home birth plan. She never felt comfortable with the hospital and knew a home birth would be her best option. We got her transferred over, did one clinic visit and her home visit and then the fun began 😉

I received a hectic call from Marie’s husband Danny letting me know Marie was feeling like she needed to push and that her water had broken just 30 mins earlier. I could hear her screaming in the background and I jumped out of bed! I was trying to decide what I was hearing and I asked when her labor had started. It was 3:30am and she claims her contractions started hurting just after midnight with nothing before. I was shocked, could her labor really be going that fast?! Her water had broken at 3am and she kept telling me she felt the urge to push. I told her to breathe as best she could and not push and I left for her home which was a 20 minute drive away. I was 5 minutes from her home when Danny called me back to let me know baby had delivered! WHAT?! How could that be? She’s barely been in labor! Her doula had arrived as baby was delivering and when I walked into their apartment, they were moving from the bathroom to her bed and we all helped her get comfortable. I talked with her about her labor and she told me she hadn’t even called her husband in from his 24 hour shift until 2:30am and he had only been with her for an hour before baby delivered. She couldn’t believe it was time to call me because she hadn’t even been in labor 3 hours!! Well, here we were with a VERY precipitous labor for a first time mama! First painful contraction to birth was just over 3 hours! Little Sammy (Samuel) weighed in at 8#6oz and was the sweetest chunk of a babe even if he couldn’t wait for his midwife, he was worth it! Welcome to the world sweet one, thanks for the adrenaline rush 😉

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