I met Hannah when she had her first baby at home with a fellow midwife colleague and I had the privilege of attending as an assistant! Hannah did an amazing job with her first labor and we were excited to see what her body would do with her second baby! Her pregnancy progressed smoothly and quickly and before we knew it, she was in the last few weeks of her pregnancy! Her first baby was born in January so we wondered if this baby (due on the 30th of January) would be a February baby or not (we assumed baby would be born in February since she went a few days over her due date with her first)! We all waited patiently, excited to meet this new baby!

I received a text from Hannah letting me know her contractions had started and she was in early labor. I told her to keep me posted and waited excitedly for her call. Just 3 hours later, I received a call from her husband Luke letting me know it was time to come. I was listening to her labor in the background and something about the way she sounded made me jump out of bed and fly down my stairs still in my PJ’s. I needed to get to her home because she sounded very much like she was pushing! As I was climbing in my car, I hear Luke tell me Hannah was crowning and the line went dead. I raced to their home (only 5 minutes away thank goodness) and tried calling them back to hear Hannah’s sister Maddie on the other end. I talked with her and dad (Luke) over the phone as baby delivered and continued driving desperately trying to beat this speedy baby! Within minutes, I heard baby had delivered and she let out a cry at 11:03pm. I pulled in 3 minutes later to find Hannah and baby in bed and doing very well! Luke looked like he was going to pass out and Hannah’s eyes were wide! They couldn’t believe how fast her labor had gone and she told me she was definitely in denial! Well, with that sort of timing, there was NO WAY I was going to make it to baby on time! Little Charlotte was born at 11:03pm and weighed in at 7#8oz and was born ON her due date. A special little girl indeed! Welcome to the world little one, thank you for being so good to mommy and daddy even if you had to come before your midwife could make it!

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