I met Bianca part way through her pregnancy when she decided she needed to transfer care to a home birth midwife after receiving routine hospital care. It had been 5 years since her last labor and everything went so well, she knew a home birth would be the perfect option for her! Her pregnancy continued to progress beautifully and once again, we waited in excited anticipation for baby’s arrival as the end of her pregnancy neared!

Bianca texted me while I was on my way to Cynthia’s birth and I decided after her telling me everything that was happening, she needed to have a back-up midwife because she lived in Pueblo and I would not make it if things were moving as fast as they were for her! I sent Desirre to her and waited for Cynthia to deliver. Once baby came earth side, I left Cynthia with my team for her recovery and headed to Bianca knowing I probably wouldn’t make it! I let Desirre know I was on my way but she informed me it took her 45 minutes to get to the interstate from her home because the roads were so icy. I realized about halfway to Bianca’s that I was probably going to beat Desirre to Bianca’s house and raced as quickly as I could to get to her! I finally arrived after 55 minutes of driving to Bianca laboring beautifully and ready to get in the pool and meet her baby! Both were doing wonderfully and Bianca got in the pool. Desirre arrived 15 minutes after I did and together we labored with Bianca and encouraged her as she labored baby down. Bianca was feeling an immense amount of pressure and upon checking her, she still had some cervix that needed to move. We helped her breath through each intense contraction as she labored peacefully. Finally, the pressure was too much to bear and Bianca needed to push. She lifted her right leg and began to push with all her strength! Baby slowly crowned and Bianca told us she could do it! It was wonderful to watch her work so hard! Finally, baby’s head delivered and with the next push, the rest of baby delivered! She had done it and everyone made it! Bianca welcomed her second boy, little Exander weighing in at 7#7oz at 10:41am, just 3 hours after my first delivery of the day! I was grateful I had made it as was she! Welcome to the world sweet man, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your amazing birth!

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