I met Stacy late in her pregnancy after she found out that I took her insurance (sound like a pattern?). We hit it off and her passion had always been to have a home birth and so we began our home birth relationship!

This delivery was a fun challenge all on its own because Miss Emma had to come the same day as Miss Abigail! I came home around 3am and went to bed only to be woken up by a phone call at 8:30 am from Alex, Stacy’s husband letting me know Stacy had been laboring since 4am and they felt like this was the real deal! I got up, showered and prepared to leave within the hour. I called back at 9:30am to check on her and Alex reported that her labored slowed when she entered the pool so she got out. This told me she was most likely too early to have me come and so I had Alex keep track of her labor and let me know when the contractions got more intense and closer together. He kept me updated throughout the day about her labor and within 30 minutes of me laying down at 3pm to take a nap, I received a call from Alex. He told me that Stacy said she was truly in active labor this time and ready for me to come! I arrived at their home at 4:15pm and Stacy was laboring very strong and very well! We decided to check her progress and she was an awesome 5cm! Within an hour of my arrival I called my team in and we all waited patiently as Stacy progressed. She was cracking all of us up because she kept asking “what should I be expecting next?” Can you tell she’s a planner?! Around 6pm, I could tell she was starting to grunt a little with contractions so I encouraged her to push with each contraction and outlined what that would look like. Within 15 minutes, Stacy was holding little Emma in her arms and glowing! She was amazing and delivered so quickly once I arrived. I was so proud of her!! Emma had two older sisters who were so excited to jump in and help mama with the new baby. Stacy was tired as she had labored just over 14 hours but she made it look so easy! We were so excited to finally meet the sweet Emma!


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