I met Cassidy after she had moved here in the middle of her pregnancy. Her previous delivery was a c-section and she knew she wanted a different birth with this baby.

Cassidy’s husband Joe called me around 12:30am to let me know Cassidy was in labor. I couldn’t believe it and was SO excited because she had already passed her due date 2 weeks before! She was finally going to get the birth she desired! I arrived around 1am and could tell by Cassidy’s sounds that she was pushing. I listened to baby who sounded fabulous and ran down to grab my bag. I walked into Cassidy’s apartment just as she was pulling little Juniper out of the water and to her chest at 1:23am! She was SO fast and perfect in every way with beautiful dark hair. Cassidy had overcome and was now a successful HBAC (home birth after cesarean)! I found out from her husband later that her labor had actually begun at 9:30pm that night and they waited to call me until her water broke! No wonder her labor seemed so fast to me! It was a wonderful birth and hurdle to overcome and I was so blessed to be a part of the journey!

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