I met Shelby after she found out I took her insurance and she wanted a home birth. She had her previous little one at home and had hoped from the beginning of this pregnancy that she could have a home birth under her insurance and at home!

Shelby called me at 9pm on Sunday night feeling like she was going into labor. We talked briefly and I decided to come over and check on her. Upon my arrival, she was leaned over a ball and looked amazing for being in labor! I checked her and to all of our disappointment she was only 2cm! We decided to have me go home and allow Shelby to rest and to call me if anything changed. I got home around 1030pm and within seconds of me sitting on my couch I got a call back from Shelby’s husband to tell me that Shelby’s water broke! I couldn’t believe it! We all knew she was probably fairly early in her labor so we decided to have her rest and call back with any changes. I immediately went to bed knowing I could be up all night. I got a call at 11:30pm from Shelby’s mom telling me that Shelby was getting “meaner” haha! I left my house and arrived at her home by midnight. I called my team in at the same time and we all waited patiently for everyone to arrive! Shelby labored like a saint and as she progressed, it became very clear that she was moving along at a quick clip! Our team arrived with the doula and mama delivered within 10 mins of everyone’s arrival at 12:24am. I was SO impressed by her strength and boldness as she labored and delivered. Very quick and very beautiful. The world is a better place with Miss Abigail!


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