It’s amazing how long ago it seems that I met sweet Meadow! She started with a different health care provider initially and then decided she wanted to switch back to me for her home birth and I was more than excited to help her! Her pregnancy progressed beautifully and Meadow did such a great job growing her sweet baby! She even started back at school during her pregnancy and never ceased to amaze me with how incredibly strong she was! As her due date approached, her spouse Brandy started to get more and more nervous that baby would arrive too quickly before I arrived! I reminded her that her doula would help them and if something happened and baby came too fast, they could just put him on Meadow’s chest and I would get there as quickly as I could. Funny how intuition can be right sometimes!!

I had just arrived home from Jenn’s birth and not been asleep longer than an hour when I received a call from Candace, Meadow’s doula. In the background, I could hear Meadow laboring boldly and Candace wanted me to know that I needed to stay close to my phone as she felt I might be needed soon. I tried to fall back asleep but my gut was telling me I needed to get ready and go to Meadow. I got dressed and waited anxiously to hear from Candace. Shortly after 6am, I received a text that Meadow was feeling rectal pressure! I thought to myself “ah crap!” and raced to her home! Haha! When I arrived, baby was squawking and in mama’s arms and doing so well! I had missed the birth by 5 minutes!! So stinking close and yet, perfect timing! It was good for Brandy and Meadow to see how incredibly strong they were! I helped Meadow deliver her placenta and got her cozy in bed with her new baby. Meadow kept telling me how fast her labor was and how she tried not to push to wait for me and it just made me smile because once again, it showed her incredible strength! Sweet baby Calvin was born at 6#1oz and was my third baby in 12 hours, talk about a wild night!! What an honor and joy it was to be present with all these wonderful babies!! I have a great job!!

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