I met Sydney long before she was pregnant with her third baby when a friend of hers wanted to interview me for her first home birth and Sydney had heard great things and wanted to get in on the action too! Needless to say, the interview went well and this mama delivered at Sydney’s home in April and did a wonderful job as a first time mama! Shortly after, Sydney started care with me for her third pregnancy. Her pregnancy progressed wonderfully (other than the typical super uncomfortable cramping, contracting, pressure and pelvic pain for weeks that every mama having her third baby can relate to)! She had hoped she might get “lucky” and have her baby early but every week she would end up in my office still pregnant 😉 We scheduled her 40 week visit a few days after her due date in hopes she wouldn’t make it and all crossed our fingers!

I received a call from Dan, Sydney’s husband letting me know Sydney was contracting every two minutes and feeling pressure to push! I shot out of bed when he said “every two minutes” knowing that Sydney has intense and FAST labors and she lived 30 minutes away! How was I ever going to make it?! I raced across town, breaking a few laws (fortunately, it was 3:30am!) but about 15 minutes into my commute, Dan called to let me know he could feel the top of baby’s head and he didn’t think I was going to make it! I encouraged Sydney to breathe as much as possible and if her husband needed me to walk him through the birth to let me know (he is a medic so has done this a time or two)! I continued to race across town and finally pulled into their driveway. I grabbed my small bag and birth box knowing I couldn’t bring in my whole birth bag in hopes I might still make it and was SHOCKED to still hear her moaning upstairs! I ran into her room, threw on some gloves, listened to baby briefly and two contractions later, Sydney’s water broke and she pushed her little girl out! From the moment I walked into her room to birth was just over 5 minutes; I couldn’t believe it and I could tell Sydney was in shock over how fast it was! She informed me that labor began just 45 minutes before! No wonder they barely could get me there in time, there was no time! Baby girl Aria delivered at 3:50am weighing in at 9#0oz, welcomed by her daddy and sisters! Welcome to the world sweet girl, thank you for waiting just long enough to allow me to get into the house and put some gloves on!





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