I met Carol near the end of her pregnancy when her family relocated to the Springs and they decided to look into a home birth for their third baby. Once they got established, they found a place to stay in Pueblo and we decided just a couple weeks before baby was born to do her home birth in Pueblo. We knew this could potentially be tricky since it was her third baby but we would do our best! Her pregnancy progressed as normally as expected and with the move to Pueblo, she was able to be closer to her husband which eased the pain from being separated from him for part of the pregnancy. We waited patiently for baby as mama settled into their new home.

At 39 weeks and a few days, I received a call from Carol letting me know her water broke! I was shocked as this happened just the day before with another client…must be something in the water! 😉 I told her to get some rest and hopefully, labor would come soon! I woke the next morning to a text from Carol saying nothing had changed and what contractions she was having, stopped. I encouraged her to walk and go about her day as usual and hopefully labor would come soon! Throughout the day, she tried herbs and essential oils plus breastfeeding her toddler but still, nothing seemed to help! I encouraged her throughout the day not to get discouraged, labor would come soon. We just had to be patient. She stopped all the herbs and oil applications and went to bed for the day. Around 2:15am, I received a call from Carol letting me know she was contracting about every 4-6 minutes for about a minute. This was the same thing she was doing the night before so we decided to wait just a little longer to see if things would increase. I told her to call me back in an hour and I would head her way. I was shocked when I received a call at 4:15am…it had been 2 hours! I shot out of bed knowing I had a 40 min drive ahead of me and things were progressing on her end and it would be close. I raced to her birth but knew my chances of arriving on time would be limited when I received a second call from her husband letting me know she wanted to push. I gave them some pointers but I was still 30 minutes out. I continued to race to her side and was please I arrived shortly before 30 minutes. I jumped out of my car and grabbed my bag but was greeted by the doula letting me know baby had just birthed and I had barely missed it. DANG!! Mom and baby were doing well and her little man was born at 4:45am weighing in at 6#8oz. Welcome to the world baby Malcolm, thanks for allowing me to care for you after your birth 😉

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