I met Laura early in her pregnancy when she was trying to decide where she would like to deliver her second baby. Her first baby was born in a freestanding birthing center and she had hoped she could deliver at one again but since we have no birthing center here in Colorado Springs, and her first labor was too fast, she feared she wouldn’t make it to Denver in time. After much research and excellent question asking, Laura and her husband decided a Colorado Springs home birth was their best option!

Laura had a very eventful pregnancy due to the unusual circumstance of having “twin” toddlers (she had the privilege of adopting a sweet little girl shortly after giving birth to her son)! She was a busy mama and had her hands very full in addition to caring for her goats, bunnies, chickens and puppy! It was fascinating learning all about her “farm” and how she tries to naturally grow her animal’s food in their basement and feed her family wholesome organic food. I was amazed that even at the end of her pregnancy when her back hurt and she could barely walk from the pressure of her baby, she was out in her yard everyday milking her goats, caring for her animals and chasing her two toddlers. Towards the end of her pregnancy her back pain was worsening and I could tell she was ready to be done. I saw her for her 40 week visit and I had a gut feeling that she would go into labor before her next visit. She was anxious because she carried her first pregnancy almost to 42 weeks and did not feel like she could handle that again =). Turns out, baby knew just what mama needed!

Turns out, baby knew just what mama needed!

I had two home visits the morning of December 10th. I was at my first home visit and realized that Laura lived literally one street over from this mama’s house. My client joked with me that now would be the perfect time for her to go into labor since I was already there! I laughed and told her that what would really happen is she would call me in labor right as I was arriving in Black Forest for my second home visit. I left this client’s house and headed down Powers to my next home visit. I was 10 minutes from arriving when Laura’s husband called me, Laura had been laboring since 6:30am and was ready for me to come. I cringed as I reflected back on my silly comment and felt I had solidly jinxed myself! I turned around and headed back to Laura’s house!

When I arrived, Laura was clearly in active labor and her hubby was filling the tub for her water birth.

Within minutes of my arrival and listening to baby, Laura was in the tub and moving along nicely. My team arrived and we all supported Laura as she labored. Every women approaches labor differently. Some women love to be touched, massaged and talked to and other women prefer the room quiet and any touching breaks their focus and makes their labor more challenging. My sweet Laura was of the latter group and I never realized just how much I touch laboring women! I finally tied my hands behind my back and listened to Laura as she started to push. Quietly, we encouraged her listen to her body as she grunted with each push. At one point she looked at me and said, “faster labor my eye!!” I chuckled and reminded her once again how amazing she was. As baby began to crown, I coached her husband James on what to do as baby delivered. It is always amazing to me the things mama say in labor!

As James and I were waiting….she Kept yelling at us to stop touching her!

As James and I were waiting to catch baby, she kept yelling at us to stop touching her (we were not touching her, it was actually baby sitting on her perineum). Her husband kept telling her no one was touching her as well 😉 Fortunately, all of this was caught on camera so we could truly prove we were not touching her 😉 This made for many laughs later, I love how each woman is so unique in her labor! And I love having these memories to carry with me forever! Baby continued to crown and I marveled at this sweet baby still en the caul! As her shoulders delivered, her water bag opened up and I realized baby was sunny side up!! Now it made sense why it seemed to take a little longer for baby to come!! Dad was finally able to lift baby out of the water to her mama as mama proclaimed how much she loved her baby (and maybe mentioned that she was grounded ;)).

Sweet baby Ana Molina was born partially en caul and sunny side up at 3:14pm weighing in at 7#9oz. Thanks sweet Ana for letting me part of your amazing birth!






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