I met Alyssa just like many of my other mamas, she had had two previous hospitals births and desired something different for this next baby; she felt a home birth was the perfect option for her after two natural births in the hospital. During her two previous pregnancies, cervical exams started at 36 weeks and at just over 37 weeks, she gave birth to her first child and just over 38 weeks with her second. Her anticipation was to give birth around 38 weeks with this baby but I warned her that cervical exams are not done in my office until 40 weeks and are certainly not routine so she might start anticipating going to full term just in case 😉 I saw Alyssa at 38 weeks and then at just over 39 weeks and we talked about the possibility of baby coming later that week. Alyssa handled the lateness of her pregnancy so well and we got excited for the coming weekend.

I received a text Saturday morning from Alyssa letting me know she had some contractions with bloody show. I told her to start timing them and keep me posted. A short while later, she let me know the contractions were 5-10 minutes apart and painful but still short. I told her to get her pool set up and I cleared my schedule for when it was time to come. Not even an hour later, Alyssa called me to tell me she suddenly had a lot of pressure and the contractions picked up VERY quickly and she felt it was time for me to come. I raced across town through annoying traffic and nearly died of a heart attack waiting in line at the gate to get onto Ft. Carson and flew into Alyssa’s home to find her laboring beautifully. She was still feeling pressure but only occasionally wanted to push so we let baby labor down. Both mom and baby were doing great so we were all relaxed and patient as baby made his way into the world. The urge to push began to get stronger and Alyssa could no longer resist it and gave in to pushing so well! Slowing baby’s head began to emerge with the amniotic sack and I got excited for an en caul birth! With the next push, baby’s shoulders began to deliver and I pulled back to allow dad to catch. He lifted baby from the water to mom’s chest and she was done just 3 hours and 15 minutes after the first contractions and 23 minutes after my arrival! Baby’s water broke as the shoulders delivered and we had to pull the amniotic sack off his head when he came out of the water! Baby Abel was born at 12:48pm weighing in at 8#2oz! He was so sweet and perfect! Thank you for allowing me to be present for the special moment in your lives!

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