What are five female health concerns? The top that come to mind are heart disease, breast cancer, gynecological health, depression, and reproductive issues. 

As women, we have unique health needs that the men in our lives usually don’t face. And being in the know about potential health concerns is part of engaging in well-woman care. Colorado Springs-based Mountain Miracles Midwifery shares insight into the top five women’s health issues to pay attention to.

Heart Disease

It’s time to show your heart some love. As the top cause of death in women, it’s important to know how to care for your heart. To start, keep an eye out for risk factors, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, excess weight, and smoking. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, stress management, and routine well-woman care check-ups are your best allies against heart disease. So show your heart some love, and embrace a heart-healthy lifestyle! 

Breast Cancer

The early bird catches the worm here. You can’t afford to ignore the signs of breast cancer. These include lumps and unusual discharge from the beasts. Make a habit of doing self-breast exams, and ask your nurse-midwife at your next well-woman care visit about other ways to keep watch on your breasts. Early detection leads to early treatment, and that’s the best way to beat breast cancer.

Gynecological Health

Regular check-ups with your gynecologist or nurse-midwife are a must. Don’t be shy when it’s time to discuss any concerns or symptoms you might have. Remember, your provider really has seen it all. No need to be embarrassed! From menstrual irregularities to painful periods or uncomfortable pap smears, they’re there to help. Take charge of your reproductive health, and remember, it’s all part of being a strong, confident woman. Your well-women care in Colorado Springs checks for all types of issues. Ask your nurse-midwife for more details. 


Depression is more than just the blues, and it’s also a sadly overlooked well-woman care issue. Prolonged sadness or loss of interest can be signs of depression. Reach out to your support network (friends, family, or professionals) and remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. There’s no shame in putting your mental well-being first. And if you’re expecting a baby, then you’ll want to be in your best shape mentally and physically to care for them the best you can.

Reproductive Health

Last but not least, let’s discuss reproductive health. Whether you’re planning a family, avoiding pregnancy, or experiencing fertility challenges, it’s crucial to have the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions. Stay educated about birth control options, fertility treatments, and sexual health. Remember, your reproductive choices are yours alone, and you have the right to make decisions that align with your life goals and values. If those include water birth, we’ve got you covered. 

Your health journey is an ongoing adventure filled with ups and downs. By staying informed and taking charge of your heart health, breasts, gynecological well-being, mental health, and reproductive choices, you’re setting yourself up for a life of empowerment and wellness. Remember, you’re strong, resilient, and you deserve the very best well-woman care in Colorado Springs.

Mountain Miracles Midwifery offers home and water birth services for parents wishing to bring their little one into the world with a gentle transition in a safe and relaxed environment. Our certified nurse-midwives are the best in the industry and have a decade of combined experience in prenatal, newborn, and postpartum care. We know that choosing a certified nurse-midwife for your labor and childbirth experience is a highly personal decision, and we cherish being a part of this process. Mountain Miracles Midwifery is the only service of its kind in the Colorado Springs area that accepts insurance.

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