I met Dakota after she found out she was pregnant with a fun surprise baby! They had their first child at home and during pushing found out she was breech! Fortunately, Dakota was strong and they delivered their first child in the comfort of their home! There was no question they were going to have their baby at home and after meeting them, it was a perfect fit! The only catch was Dakota’s husband was scheduled to get a promotion in the spring and they would likely be moving the March before she was due! She researched and found a great birth center to transfer to after searching and things seemed to be set in place, they were just waiting for the go-ahead. Several months passed and it seemed like they were still where they started so finally Dakota told them that if they couldn’t transfer them to the new job by March, she was staying in the Springs for her home birth. Well, February came and went and still no answer so, they were committed to a home birth here and thoroughly looking forward to it! Dakota’s pregnancy progressed beautifully, though she had more Braxton hicks with this baby, she coped well! This baby was being good to the midwife and stayed head down the entire pregnancy as well, we were all set for a fabulous home birth! Dakota went to 42 weeks with her first baby so we anticipated she would go over her due date with this baby as well, though we were hopeful it may happen sooner 😉

Just shy of 41 weeks, Dakota texted me to let me know she was feeling more contractions and wondered if today was the day. I had a full office day that week so I told her to call me when she was ready for my arrival. I worked feverishly until 6 pm in my office and just as I was about to head home, I received a call from Dakota that she was ready for me to come. I listened to her over the phone and her contractions sounded intense but they were spaced out far. I struggled to decide if I should go in or not but something in my gut told me to go. I told my colleague that she might be joining me for a birth and to get home, eat and change! I got to Dakota’s home and watched her labor. We had agreed before I arrived that I would check her to evaluate her progress but as I watched her, she seemed like she was in transition and birth was closer than it looked! I listened to baby and checked on mama, both were doing great so I just watched. After about 2 contractions I took my gloves off and raced to my car to get my birth supplies. I told Dakota baby was coming soon and that I wasn’t going to check her. She almost didn’t believe me because this labor was so much faster than her last baby! I got everything settled and set up for her birth and asked my team to come though I was less than optimistic she would make it! Dakota began to feel the urge to push and did so as her body commanded. Baby moved down with each push and Dakota gracefully pushed with each contraction. My team arrived just as baby began to crown! Finally, after just a few short minutes of pushing, we welcomed sweet baby Zephyr into the world! He delivered on June 27, 2016 @ 8:22pm weighing in at a sweet 8#1oz! Dakota mentioned that she felt a breech birth was MUCH easier but I reminded her how quick this labor was would make it feel much more intense! She said she couldn’t believe it was going so fast and was in denial which made it hard to know when to call me! I’m so glad I listened to my gut and went in! Thank you all for allowing me to be with you during this special time, I was truly honored!

Cover photo by: Laura Lou Photography https://www.facebook.com/Laura-Lou-Photography-LLC-115810905141821/?fref=ts

P.S. Photography by Marijo Schubert https://www.facebook.com/marijoschubert.psphotography/










Modern Newborn Photography by Dakota Summerton https://www.facebook.com/ModernNewbornPhotography/?pnref=lhc




Photography by Jennifer Lambson https://www.facebook.com/PhotographyByJenniferLambson/



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