I met Blair late in her first trimester when she decided she wanted another home birth for her third baby and was thrilled to discover I took her insurance! Like myself Blair is an RN, so I loved having the opportunity to serve one of my own field and looked forward to taking care of her during her pregnancy. Blair’s pregnancy advanced as expected and we were getting excited to meet her new little member! A day after her due date, I received a text from Blair saying she had been having consistent contractions for a couple of hours and felt today was the day. I got up and prepared to start my very full clinic day when around 9:30am, Blair felt her contractions were spacing out and wanted to come in for her 11am visit. I saw Blair and though I could tell she was tired and discouraged, she was doing well! I told her to go home and get some rest and maybe when the sun went down, her labor would start back up again. I didn’t hear from her for the rest of the day so I went to bed that night.

At 11:15pm, I received a call from Jesse, Blair’s husband, letting me know she was contracting again. Her contractions were every 2-3 minutes but only lasting 45 seconds long. I encouraged her to call me when they got a little longer and more intense and I would head over. I fell asleep and woke to a call at just after midnight from Blair letting me know that her contractions weren’t quite a minute long but they were very intense and she was ready for me. I headed to her home and arrived 10 mins later to find Blair actively laboring and doing so incredibly well! She was so sweet as she vocalized during her contractions and then was cracking jokes in between, definitely an easy person to labor with! I helped finish filling up her pool and about 40 minutes after I arrived, Blair began to have the urge to push. We helped her get in the pool as it was finally full enough and I told her to listen to her body as she felt the urge to push. For the next 10 minutes she pushed with all her heart but felt nothing was changing and was getting discouraged. We talked about doing a vaginal check and I found a small bit of cervix at the front of babies head (anterior lip) and gently pushed it back behind baby’s head. With the next push, baby moved into her pelvis and her water broke! Blair pushed for 10 more minutes and finally baby began to crown and his head was delivered! With one more push, Blair delivered her sweet son into his daddy’s arms with her family and children surrounding her! Little Theodore was born at 1:16am weighing in at 8#12oz and looking as handsome as ever! Welcome to the world little one and thank you for much for allowing me to be present for your birth! I was and am honored to serve your family Blair!

Fantastic Photograhy by Brezi, Captured by Brezi: http://www.capturedbybrezi.com/




















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