I met Alli early in her pregnancy when she came to me wanting something different for her second pregnancy. She delivered in the hospital setting with her first and knew that their natural lifestyle lined up much more consistently with what a home birth provided. Alli’s pregnancy progressed as expected with no issues or anything more than the common pregnancy discomforts! Alli’s first pregnancy went over 40 weeks and almost to 41 weeks so at her 38 week appointment with this pregnancy, we talked about seeing Alli the following week and anticipated this pregnancy would go just as long!

Imagine my shock when I received a call from Alli letting me know her water had broken out of the blue with no contractions at 39 weeks and 1 day! Everything with baby looked really good so I encouraged Alli to get some rest and call me when her labor was more consistent. At 4:30am, I received a call from Alli’s husband letting me know things were picking up significantly and it was time for me to come! When I arrived at 5am, Alli was well into transition and her labor was fast and intense! My heart went out to her as she cried out to me how painful each contraction was and how ready she was to be done! I encouraged her to continue to stay strong and we would soon meet her little one! Both mom and baby looked wonderful so we waited patiently for that first urge to push, which didn’t take long at all! Just 47 minutes after my arrival, Alli gave into her strong urges to push and with just three pushes and three minutes later, she held her sweet little girl in her arms!! Little Sapphire joined us at 5:50am on 3/20/17 welcomed by her mom, dad and big brother! Thank you for allowing me the honor of being present at your birth little love!

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