I met Amanda as I do many of my pregnant mama’s early in her pregnancy when she decided she wanted to have a home birth with her second child. Her first child had been born in the hospital and she knew this time she truly wanted to do something different. Her pregnancy progressed as expected and towards the end she became more uncomfortable and more ready to meet her baby! The day before she went into labor, she came in to see me and everything seemed as usual and it appeared she’d be pregnant another week! So we scheduled her for the following week and parted ways!

I received a text from Amanda the very next day letting me know she was likely in labor. She couldn’t believe it because everything felt so normal the day before! We chatted about when to call me in and she continued to labor. I received texts off and on and finally a phone call came in letting me know it was time for me to come in. When I arrived, Amanda was laboring calmly and dad was getting the pool filled and ready for the birth! We listened to baby and checked on mom and both were doing great! Shortly after we arrived, Amanda wanted to get into the pool to help with the pain so we assisted her and kept her as comfortable as we could. She labored for a while in the pool but eventually, she became too cold and uncomfortable and felt like she couldn’t support herself as she wanted so she decided to get out. She laid in bed for a bit and then decided to move to the toilet to help open her hips and within a few contractions, it seemed baby moved down. Amanda’s labor seemed to ramp up significantly at this point as she moved to her bed where she was most comfortable. We supported and encouraged Amanda as she was nearing birth and finally got to hear that strong grunt indicating she was ready to push! With the next contraction, Amanda gave into this urge to push and in 15 minutes of pushing, was finally able to meet her son! Baby was placed on mom’s chest and he let out a strong cry letting us know he had arrived! We met baby boy Emmitt at 3:47pm on March 9, 2017 weighing in at 7#4oz welcomed by his mom, dad and big sister! Welcome to the world sweet boy, thank you for allowing me to be present at your arrival!

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