I met Sarah early in her pregnancy when she found out she was pregnant with her first baby and wanted midwifery care! Sarah and her husband were enthusiastic about what midwifery care could offer them throughout their pregnancy but encountered what first-time families often do, family resistance to her choosing the home birth option. Sarah and her husband thought and prayed about their decision and it became clear that home birth was indeed the best option and her family would eventually come around (and they did ;))! Sarah’s pregnancy progressed normally other than the awful morning sickness and towards the end some concern for high blood pressure but Sarah took excellent care of herself and was able to overcome these odds and made it to full term! As many mothers do, Sarah became tired and ready to be done as she passed her due date, I encouraged her to enjoy the last few weeks/days as she will never get these days back! She did amazing!

I received a call from Sarah’s husband letting me know she was in labor and may need me soon. I explained when a good time to call me in would be and went about my day. Of course, a midwife has to continue with plans and hope she can get done what needs to be done in between births! While getting my hair cut, I receive a call from Sarah’s husband again that she was in active labor and things were progressing and she was ready for me to come. My hairdresser raced to get my hair finished and I finally headed towards Sarah. When I arrived, her family was sitting downstairs in the living room anticipating the arrival of baby and Sarah was upstairs in the pool laboring like a champ! I listened to baby who sounded great and encouraged mama, letting her know she was doing beautifully. My team arrived and we waited patiently for baby to arrive! Sarah continued progressing well and at one point told me how much labor sucked and asked why it had to be this way?! She growled that she was going to kill Eve for eating that apple and making us all suffer this way! We all laughed and it seemed to help Sarah release some tension! Around 6:40pm, Sarah felt the urge to push and we encouraged her to listen to her body and push when she was ready. Over the course of the next several minutes, Sarah pushed with so much strength and progressed beautifully. At 7:20pm, baby began to crown and the finish line for mama was within reach! Finally, at 7:21pm, Sarah pushed her baby into this world and brought him to her chest. He let out a big wail and settled onto his mommy’s chest. Sarah was so relieved she was done and all her hard work had paid off! Baby boy weighed a beautiful 7#14oz and mom and dad decided to call him Asher! It was such an honor caring for this family and watching Sarah become a mama! Thank you for allowing me to be with you!






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