I met Mariah early in her pregnancy when she decided the best route for her would be home birth as she was not satisfied with the care she was receiving from her OB. Mariah was healthy, petite and progressed through her pregnancy perfectly! Our only temporary difficulty was baby being breech briefly from 34-36 weeks but like the champ baby was, he managed to flip before the home visit or her breech visit to her chiropractor! We were thrilled and back on track!

I will never forget the labor phone call I received from Mariah! I received a call at 7am that she had been contracting since the day before and was concerned because her contractions were only 3 minutes apart and she wanted to know how to get them closer and more intense! I was shocked, I never expect to hear someone ask for harder labor! That was a first 😉 I told her some positions changes to try and some things to keep in mind and to call me when she was ready for me to come. Now, if you’ll remember from the previous story (Ashley’s) that I received a call at 7am from a mama in labor and then got a call 30 minutes labor from Ashley’s husband that she was in labor, that was Mariah calling me! I was at Ashley’s postpartum care shortly after her birth at 9:30am and I received a call from Chris, Mariah’s husband. He sounded nervous and felt Mariah was in a lot of pain. He told me she was having a hard time staying in control and while on the phone with him, I could hear her hollering in the background and then she yelled at Chris that her water broke! I gave Chris some pointers about how to help Mariah stay calm while I cleaned up my mess and headed to their home! About 30 minutes later, I was headed from Ashley’s home to Mariah’s and let them know I was on my way. The only challenge was Mariah’s home was 30 minutes away still; I kept my fingers crossed that she would wait for me while I raced to her birth! I finally arrived at 10:30am and found a very calm mama who was very obviously pushing! I was so impressed with the mama I came to than the one on the other end of the line, she had done such a great job relaxing and taking charge! She told me she was very tired and I knew what she meant as she had been up all night laboring! I checked on both mom and baby who were doing great and at the next contraction, Mariah began to push and I could feel the top of baby’s head crowning! I encouraged her to listen to her body as she slowly pushed his head out! With the next big push, little one fully delivered into moms arms! She had done it and only 15 minutes after her midwife arrived and so beautifully might I add!! Sweet Alo joined us at 10:45 am not even two hours after Ashley’s Clarette was born! He weighed in at 7#14oz, welcome sweet boy!

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