Many women wish to have their babies in familiar surroundings. But who is a candidate for a home birth? Healthy women with a trained midwife.

If you’ve been dreaming of having your little one at home where you are most comfortable, then a home birth may be right for you. If you live in the Colorado Springs area, Mountain Miracles Midwifery is your go-to partner for helping you bring this dream into reality. 

But who is a candidate for a home birth? Can everyone deliver at home? The answer is no, although most women can safely deliver with a trained midwife by their side. Today, we will take a quick look at a few things to consider before you make your decision on where to give birth.

Look At Your Risk Factors

While there is no singular scenario that’s “ideal” for any birthing situation, women with certain health conditions, such as high blood pressure, gestational diabetes requiring insulin, diabetes mellitus, or preterm labor, might find a hospital setting more suitable and safe for their delivery. Further, women who have had more than one previous C-section or whose baby presents breech or malpositioned may need the additional medical facilities available in a labor and delivery unit if baby were not to flip head down.

Consider Your Midwife’s Qualifications

If you’re considering a home birth in Colorado Springs, make sure that you choose a certified nurse-midwife. This is an individual who’s undergone extensive training in women’s health, labor and delivery, pre-and postnatal and newborn care. A certified professional midwife may come from a nonmedical background, but they may also be qualified to assist delivery for an overall healthy woman. You’ll want to ask your midwife about her training and how many births that she has attended as both an assistant and primary provider. Discuss potential labor delivery concerns and know which hospital she has a relationship with should problems arise.

How Far Is The Nearest Hospital?

Although homebirth is typically considered safe when attended by a certified nurse-midwife, problems do arise. You might wish to consider delivering at a hospital if your home is not in close enough proximity to get there quickly if you experience complications during the birthing process. Most certified nurse-midwives, however, are qualified to handle common emergencies even at a distance from hospitals. Discuss these potential issues with your provider before choosing a home birth.

The Financial Costs

Giving birth is a costly life event, and one your insurance would typically cover if you gave birth at a hospital. Many midwife agencies don’t accept insurance. Mountain Miracles Midwifery is the only certified nurse-midwifery practice in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas that accepts insurance. 

Are You Willing To Prepare Your Home?

The birthing process can feel messy, and although your midwife will have most supplies, you’ll need to be ready to lose at least one set of bedsheets. If you opt for a home birth, you also need to invest in a heavy-duty waterproof cover for your bed, and you’ll also need plenty of clean towels and washcloths around. Otherwise, the Mountain Miracles Midwifery team is ready to help you clean your birth space and return it in better condition than when you started your birthing time!

Ultimately, the decision to have a home birth is up to each mother. However, if you have certain medical conditions, your midwife may recommend delivering at a hospital where you can be attended by emergency personnel. But if you do choose a home birth, choose a midwife that has the skills and training to help you bring your little one into the world with a safe and gentle transition.

Mountain Miracles Midwifery offers home and water birth services for parents wishing to bring their little one into the world with a gentle transition in a safe and relaxed environment. Our certified nurse-midwives are the best in the industry and have a decade of combined experience in prenatal, newborn, and postpartum care. We know that choosing a certified nurse-midwife for your labor and childbirth experience is a highly personal decision, and we cherish being a part of this process. Mountain Miracles Midwifery is the only service of its kind in the Colorado Springs area that accepts insurance.

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