We found this wonderful video that explains exactly what a Certified Nurse Midwife does. In case the video does not load properly, you can view the video transcript below!

CNM Heather Zeidler: A midwife is somebody that basically … A certified nurse midwife has a background in nursing and an advanced practice degree also. So, we all have Bachelor’s degrees, and then proceed on with a Master’s degree. We’d be similar to what a nurse practitioner is, if you go to your family practice doctor and you see a nurse practitioner there, but our specialty, our concentration is on midwifery, which means we give care to women of the lifespan, from teenagers to older women, and we do routine annual exams, we do contraceptive teaching and prescribing, we take care of women through pregnancy, we help birth their babies, and we see them through the postpartum period through menopause.

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