If you’re getting ready to have a baby, you might wonder how much does it cost to deliver a baby at home…about $4650, but insurance may help.

You already know that having a baby is not an inexpensive event. But what you might not realize is how high the cost can actually be. While a home birth in Colorado Springs, CO, is much less expensive than a hospital birth, it’s smart to know the cost of each, along with the factors that might change your out-of-pocket expenses.

Average Cost With Insurance

If you are lucky enough to have insurance, you’ll probably only pay around $3000 out-of-pocket. In total, your hospital birth may actually cost upwards of $18,800 or more. The average hospital birth in the US is billed at just under $14,000.

What Are Some Factors That Affect Price?

Everything can affect the price. Location – a vaginal delivery in Mississippi costs about $10,000 less than one in California. A C-section is also less expensive in some areas, such as Mississippi, but can cost nearly $28,000 in Alaska. The overall cost of either a hospital or home birth in Colorado Springs is also affected by your health conditions, the baby’s development, and whether or not you are having multiples or complications during delivery. And if you plan to have a doula, your insurance probably won’t cover that.

Other expenses that can be lumped into pre-and postnatal categories include a lactation specialist, counseling for postpartum depression, and a breast pump or formula and bottles.

The type of birth you have matters, and vaginal birth is typically the least expensive, whether you choose a hospital or home birth. Families in Colorado Springs and much of the US can expect to spend the least amount, but childbirth still costs $10,000 or more. A C-section can nearly triple the cost of having a hospital birth, especially if there are complications or health concerns with the mother or baby/s that might require having a neonatal specialist on hand.

How Much Does It Cost To Deliver A Baby At Home?

Getting right to the point here, a home birth in Colorado Springs cost around $4650. And if you choose Mountain Miracles Midwifery, you may be able to use your insurance to reduce this even further. Your home birth will include everything you need to deliver a baby at home, and your midwife can discuss with you potential issues and what she considers an emergency situation, which might mean hospital intervention.

How Does Having A Baby Compare To Adoption Cost Wise?

Many Americans that can’t have babies choose to adopt. Unfortunately, there’s no standard cost for this, and it can range from nothing to $40,000, $50,000, or more. If you adopt out of foster care – foster care children are usually older – you may only pay legal fees. The cost to adopt internationally can exceed $20,000 and does not include medical care for the birth mom, travel fees, legal fees, and other expenses.

Are you considering a home birth in Colorado Springs? It’s one of the least expensive options, and a home birth allows you to have more control and input into one of the most important moments of your life. Ask your midwife today about options, and remember that it’s your body, your baby, and your decision.

Mountain Miracles Midwifery offers home and water birth services for parents wishing to bring their little one into the world with a gentle transition in a safe and relaxed environment. Our certified nurse-midwives are the best in the industry and have a decade of combined experience in prenatal, newborn, and postpartum care. We know that choosing a certified nurse-midwife for your labor and childbirth experience is a highly personal decision, and we cherish being a part of this process. Mountain Miracles Midwifery is the only service of its kind in the Colorado Springs area that accepts insurance.

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