I met Autumn early in the second trimester of her pregnancy after she had heard about me from one of her friends. She was excited to consider the option of a home birth after having three of her previous deliveries in the hospital setting! Autumn was one of those extra special mamas who had stayed strong in the hospital and birthed her children well! She had chosen an epidural with her first three births and knew that this option would not be available at home and she loved the thought of being able to do everything naturally. She told me that she secretly hoped she would have a fast labor so she wouldn’t have time to worry about needing an epidural; I always hope my mamas have exactly the labor they can manage and work with! Autumn’s pregnancy progressed beautifully and normally and she was doing so incredibly well. When Autumn hit 39 weeks pregnant (after passing 38 and 39 weeks when her first babies were born), she was pleasantly surprised baby was content to hold on a bit longer. At her 40 week visit (when most moms are just “done” and ready to not be pregnant anymore), Autumn continued to handle each day with grace. Finally, at her 41 week visit, Autumn was so surprised baby was holding up and grateful to wait for the perfect time and place for baby to come. I don’t get to see very many mamas handle late pregnancies with such grace and poise, it was so pleasant to be able to watch her be so content! I watched her leave my office knowing that soon we would be hearing from baby.

Early Tuesday morning, I got a call from Autumn’s husband that Autumn was in early labor and that her water just broke. I listened as he recounted to me all that had happened thus far and we decided to wait just a little longer until active labor hit. I decided to start my day and went about completing what I needed to get done. I remember thinking about an hour after that phone call how strange it was that I had not received a call yet but resisted the urge to call as I did not want to disturb her process and trust that my clients will get me there when they are ready for me (waiting for that call is torture!!). As I was sitting down to breakfast, I got the final call from her sister-in-law that she was feeling more pressure to push and ready for me to come. I left immediately and drove to her house. When I walked into her home, there was a beautiful calm with classical music playing in the background. I immediately felt a sense of peace wash over me as I made my way back to their room. I quietly walked into their room to find Autumn sitting strait up against the headboard of their bed and thought to myself ‘that looks uncomfortable’! I asked Autumn if she would like to move and she told me she got “stuck here” in that position. Once the next contraction passed, I helped her move to her hands and knees and tucked some pads under her. In the brief moments I had before baby birthed, I was able to help mom re-position, place pads under her, check her temp and listen to baby. Everything was perfect and her pushing body took over! Within minutes of my walking through the door, Autumn carefully pushed out her sweet baby’s head followed by baby’s body and a big gush of fluid (thank goodness for pads and mattress covers)!! Within 10 minutes of my arrival, baby was born and mom brought baby up to her chest and announced baby was indeed a girl (their first girl)! What a beautiful, calm birth, and what an honor to be present. I remember Autumn told me, after baby was born, that she was not going to be able to last much longer and was grateful the birth ended when it did (as I said before, the perfect labor each mom can work with and handle). I remember Autumn’s sister-in-law saying to me that she didn’t even know baby had been born because it was so quiet. That’s a testament to how well mama did and how well baby did!! Baby Solwyn was welcomed into the world by her mommy and daddy at 8:10am weighing in at 7#4oz!! Welcome sweet baby girl, what a privilege it was to be present for your birth! Thank you!






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