I met Abby when she found out she was pregnant with her 4th baby and ready to start care with me! I was thrilled to work with Abby and looked forward to our journey together! Abby’s pregnancy progressed beautifully and things seemed to be on track. The last few weeks of Abby’s pregnancy were challenging as she lost her mother to cancer and her blood pressure started to rise and there was some concern about whether or not she was going to be able to have a home birth because of the rising blood pressure. I encouraged her to watch her diet and we kept a close eye on things and we left as much space as possible to grieve through her loss.

I received a text over the course of the evening of the 15th from Abby letting me know she was contracting and felt like she was in early labor. I went to sleep expecting to hear form her at some point during the evening but all was quiet. I came home from another birth I wasn’t expecting and slept for about an hour before I received a call from Abby letting me know she was ready for me to come as things were progressing. After some chatting, we decided to wait another hour and check back in. About 40 minutes later, I received another call from Abby that her water broke and she was officially ready for me to come as things were very intense. I arrived around 9am to a mama very actively laboring and doing so well. She commented that there was an urge to push occasionally and that she was having a lot of pressure in her butt (not uncommon as baby moves down). We feverishly set up the pool for her and mama was finally able to get in. She immediately relaxed and things seemed to kick into high gear. By 10:30am the urge to push seemed to start and I encouraged Abby to listen to her body to push. She did amazing with her first push as baby dropped into the pelvis and began to crown. I encouraged Abby to do small, gentle pushes to reduce tearing and by 10:37am we all welcomed baby girl Kacy into the world! Mama brought baby to her chest and found relief that she was finally done, baby was beautiful and a fantastic addition to their all girl family (minus dad of course)! Abby did a wonderful job and I was so privileged to have been a part of this beautiful birth, thank you!





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