I met Rose a couple months into her pregnancy when she decided that home birth was the best option for her and her first baby. Her sister had a history of a successful home birth and the idea intrigued her! She knew she wanted to get started off well and knew that home birth was for them! Her pregnancy progressed beautifully with very few issues other than another due date missed! We expected to miss her 40 week mark but by 41 weeks everyone was getting anxious. Mama decided to have her membranes stripped to try and encourage labor at her appointment Monday and we all hoped that soon we would meet their little girl!

I received a call at 5am on September first from Rose’s doula letting me know how Rose was doing. Contractions were still spaced and I was concerned about baby’s positioning. We talked about some positions to try to help baby move and I told her to call me when needed. I received another call around 5:30am that they had walked around and spent some time on the toilet and that her water broke! Hopefully her contractions would get closer together! I told Tanya to call me when her contractions were closer and I would be on my way. I didn’t hear anything for 30 mins and grew concerned and at 6am, I decided to get dressed and ready for Rose’s birth. At 6:07am as I was getting ready to leave, I received a call from Tanya that Rose was feeling pushy and it was time for me to come! I drove the short 5 minutes to her house, set up for the birth and checked up on mom and baby who were both rocking labor! I sat with Rose until my team arrived and I let Rose know that if she wanted to push, she could! She gave into each contraction and I could feel baby moving down. I asked Rose to give a really strong push to help ease baby past the pubic bone and Rose pushed so hard baby flew past her pubic bone and most of her head delivered! I told Rose to stop pushing to allow her bottom to adjust and to reduce tearing and she did so well! On the next push the rest of baby’s head was born and with the next push she brought her sweet baby into the world. I held her daughter while Rose recovered from the intensity of the labor. Rose was finally able to turn over and take her baby to her chest after a few deep breaths!! Rose immediately began to cry as she realized she was all done! Baby Isabella was born at 6:38am after a short 10½ hour labor weighing in at 6#11oz! Welcome to the world sweet peanut, thank you for allowing me to be present for your amazing arrival!









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