I met Kala before she was even pregnant as a doula interested in learning more about myself and my practice. I had a blast talking with her and secretly hoped one day I may be able to share in a delivery with her (personal or as a doula)! That hope soon became a reality when she notified me that she was pregnant with baby #2 and wanted to meet with me so her husband could meet me. We hit it off and I could not wait to begin care with Kala! Her pregnancy progressed as expected and everything went beautifully even with the occasional uncomfortable symptom or two! I had a conference I was speaking at in Las Vegas the day before Kala was due and we joked about making sure baby stayed in until I came home! I was relieved to find that none of the 4 mamas who could have delivered while I was gone didn’t and dropped in the bed exhausted from my trip.

The next morning, I received a call from Kala that she felt like she was in early labor. I chuckled to myself thinking baby had cut it close but grateful she waited for me! I asked Kala to let me know when she was ready for me to come. Now, at this point it’s hard for any midwife to sleep and it’s even harder to “go about your day” when you know at any moment you could be interrupted! But go about my day I did and I tried to enjoy the limited amount of time I had with the family while I waited. I decided to workout in case I didn’t have time to do it later and I figured this would be when I got called in because I was doing something that is difficult to interrupt! After I had finished my cardio and was all sweaty and getting ready to start my lifting routine, I received a text from Kala’s doula that she was feeling the urge to push!! I called to double check that’s what she meant to text as I raced out the door. She confirmed that Kala was feeling pushy and ready for me to come. Fortunately, Kala lived near my home so I drove calmly but quickly to her. I was pleased to find that indeed she was pushing and her pool was almost ready for her to get in. I listened to baby, who was doing great, and encouraged Kala to breathe while I prepped the pool so she could get in. The pool finally filled and after a strong contraction and pushing urge, Kala was able to move to the pool. I could sense her entire body relax and with the next contraction the urge to push was incredible for Kala and she could not overcome it! I encouraged her as baby began to crown and through all this work Kala hollers for someone to call her husband so he could witness the birth! Fortunately, the contraction passed and Kala was able to wait for her husband to join. Right as they got Gabe on the computer, Kala had another strong contraction and with this one she birthed baby’s head. There was an immediate calm and I let Kala know she was almost done and that baby was doing well. After a few seconds, I encouraged Kala to push again which was challenging because she was so tired! We all cheered for her as another contraction started and she bore down and birthed the rest of her little one! I lifted baby out of the water behind Kala (she was kneeling over the side of the pool) and baby let out a sweet wail! Immediately daddy began to cry and after a moment of peace and recovery, Kala was able to flip over and take baby into her arms! She couldn’t believe how fast she went and told me over and over about it! Haha! Baby was born just 19 minutes after her midwife arrived and only seconds after daddy was able to get online to witness it! It was such an incredible blessing watching this family bond even over Skype and millions of miles apart. Big brother wanted so badly to get into the pool with mommy so we helped her get out so they could be together! What an incredible blessing to have the privilege to help bring life into this world, I swear I am witness to miracles every day! Sweet Anna weighed in at 7#3oz and is just as beautiful as her mother, thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment!










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