I met Debbie mid-way through her pregnancy after she had begun care with an OB and felt she wanted to do something different this pregnancy. Her previous child was born in the hospital and she did an amazing job with her natural birth but she just felt like home was where she needed to be to welcome her next child. Once Debbie transferred in, her pregnancy progressed beautifully and we waited in excited anticipation for this baby! Debbie’s parents came out to support her family while she labored and we were all getting a little nervous as baby had not arrived yet and they would need to return home soon! After her 40 week appointment, we hoped and prayed baby would come over the weekend!

Sure enough, Friday afternoon I get a text from Debbie letting me know she felt labor was starting. Things were early still but we prepared for baby to come sometime during the night! At 2:30am, I received a call from Debbie as her contractions had spaced out and she was concerned. We talked about what she could do to rest and if the contractions picked up, what she could do keep them going. I agreed to come see her in the morning if no call was made before then and went back to sleep. I woke up shocked I had not heard from Debbie and started to get ready to leave to see her when her husband called. They were ready for me to come check on Debbie. I arrived just after 8:30am to find Debbie laboring quietly. Her contractions were spaced out about every 7-10 minutes and had been doing that most of the night. Debbie was exhausted! We decided to do a cervical check and I was pleased to find her at 6cm! We discussed her options and I decided to leave in hopes her labor would kick in in the next couple of hours! At 10:45am, I received a call from Isaiah that things had progressed quickly in the last 30 minutes and they were ready for me to come! I left and when I was about 5 minutes away, her husband called back to tell me she felt the urge to push! We were all getting excited baby would meet us soon! I arrived at 11am to a very different Debbie than the one I had seen at 9am, she was doing great! For the next 35 minutes, Debbie moaned and moved through her contractions pushing when she felt the urge. When she was very close to delivery Debbie told me she never wanted to do this again! I encouraged her to wait to make that decision when she wasn’t in so much pain but she insisted, “No Tiffany, you have to keep me accountable, no more children!” I chuckled with Isaiah as we waited for the next push. Baby began to crown quickly and with one push, Debbie was able to meet her little girl! I placed baby on her chest and she looked around the room to find mom and dad! Little Amelia joined us at 11:35am weighing in at 7#13oz! Welcome to the world sweet love, thank you for allowing me to serve you and your mama!

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